​​​​​Palliative Care Massage Training

Thank you for enabling me the confidence and knowledge and understanding to confidently know I can treat those with cancer safely and comfortably.

Susan, Seaford

Here is what therapists are saying about the Advanced Palliative Care Massage Course...

- Fabulous 3 days. Great people.

- The strength of the course was the depth and knowledge of the presenters and the actual REAL information, the compassion and care expressed when caring for palliative clients. The overall content was just right. I wouldn't alter it at all. Just beautiful, compassionate and knowledgeable, approachable presenters. What can I say. I loved it! 

- Moved along well and being a small group, made it easier to ask questions. 

- The strength of the course was the experience and knowledge of the facilitators.

- The course was intimate, supportive, pace - lots of information, but not rushed. 

It was a great personal experience plus the trainer (Jan) was very encouraging to get people to achieve success. 

Janet, Rosanna. 

Very thorough, a really good pace - loads of info, but not overwhelming, easy to assimilate so much information. 

Winsome, Glen Iris 

​After multiple surgeries and radiotherapy/chemotherapy treatments for Oral Head and Neck cancer, Jan’s personalised massage provides relief for soft tissue movement, neck mobility and pressure around my airways and lower face. Scar tissue and soft tissue damage progressively worsens over time so tailored massage techniques performed by qualified Therapists like Jan is essential, otherwise pain and discomfort aggravates daily function like swallowing and speech issues causing additional physical and emotional trauma. 
Karen D Viewbank, Melbourne

I organised a weekly massage for my mum as her health deteriorated and there wasn't any more medical treatment that was appropriate. She looked forward to the massage each week as it enriched her quality of life. I am grateful for the care and attention that she received in the final months of her life.

Penny, Blackburn​

My massage with Jan was very nurturing, and I felt quite different after the session. Being the sort of person that is a "giver", it was a new experience to be the "receiver" for a change. 

Mari-ann, Boronia


Hi. l've know Jan now for two years after being referred to her from another masseur -  Jo ...... My problem is that l have a giant cell sarcoma of the sacrum which has been of great pain to me. Firstly, with bone, soft tissue and nerve pain from 2007, and in 2009 l was hospitalised for 6 months after radiotherapy treatment didn't go well. So far, with Jo and Jan who have been massaging me every week for 6 years, l have been able to manage my pain, which will be ongoing. Jan's concern, patience and understanding of my pain, has been very calming for me and l recommend her for anyone who has undergone any oncology treatment. Alex - Blackburn

For the last 18 months, I have been having a weekly massage which helps me keep going. Jan has hands of gold. 

 Jeff Starr, Northcote