Massage Training Courses

What do I need to bring?
Our selection of massage training courses may have different  requirements, so please refer to the Course Requirements section of your selected course for details. All of our massage courses are offered in the Melbourne region, including the Oncology and Palliative care massage course.

What do I wear?

As individuals differ in their response to temperature, it is advisable to wear a few layers to ensure that you are comfortable during the training. If your course has a component of practical massage or bodywork, you need to wear clothing that is appropriate for this task. If you will be massaging clients during your course, your dress will need to be neat, clean and professional, similar to what you would expect a massage therapist to wear in a clinical situation.Please refer to the Course Requirements section of your selected course for further information.

What if I can't attend the Training Course? 

If you are unable to attend the Course, following full payment, please notify us as soon as possible. We appreciate that personal circumstances do change and in our endeavour to be fair and reasonable to all concerned, we will honour our Cancellation Policy in all cases, without exception.
​See PCMT Cancellation Policy  
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Is my personal information safe?

All personal information for participants and clients is strictly confidential, held in a secured place and not shared with any other individual, organisation or third party unless written permission is obtained from the participant or client. 

What if I need to cancel my massage consultation?

We require 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment to allow your scheduled appointment time to be offered to another client. In the event that adequate notice is not given, your will be charged the full cost of the consultation, which is payable before your next session. 

How many professional development points can I receive from attending the training?

Professional development points will be awarded based on full attendance:

​AAMT - 20 CPE points for 3 day workshops

MAA - 1 CPE point per course hour

Will I receive a certificate after the training?

​A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants who have met all of the course requirements.  This applies to all Palliative Care Massage Training courses. 

Can I attend the 3-Day Oncology Massage Training course if I have a qualification in another area, such as Nursing?

The 3-Day Oncology Massage Training course requires that you have completed training as a massage therapist or equivalent, or are undertaking studies in HLT50307 - Diploma of Remedial Massage. Massage students must have commenced student clinics to be eligible to attend this course. 

Will I need to pay a deposit to secure my booking?

Yes, a deposit of $75 is required at the time you register for the course to secure your place. See PCMT Payment Policy click here >

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