​​​​​Palliative Care Massage Training

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If we go down within ourselves, we find that we possess exactly what we desire.

        - Simone Weil, 'To Desire without an Object'

Location: Warburton, Victoria

Cost: $595 

Reiki 2 Workshop (2 Days)

Also known as Advanced Reiki, this workshop allows you become a Reiki practitioner offering healing sessions in person and through distance healing. During the two day workshop you will be introduced to four Reiki symbols, receive two attunements and learn how to offer a Chelation healing, various Distance Healing sessions including healing in the hands and healing by proxy. 

This workshop is recommended for any individual who feels the calling to more deeply align with Reiki energy and be a Reiki practitioner. 

Prerequisites: Completion of Reiki 1

Course Preparation:
Similarly to the preparation required for Reiki 1, in the week prior to the workshop, give yourself the gift of connecting with nature, and be present with the sights, sounds and smells that invade your senses.  Take your time, and just BE.  Use your breath to connect to the moment. Close your eyes and sense how everything is contributing to you. For example, the sun shining on your face, the sounds of particular birds etc. Allow a minute or two for this process.
Ensure that you have sufficient water and food to support your body.  Consider drinking and eating what your body requires, as opposed to what your mind wants, and reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake. Notice what is different as you practice more awareness with what you are taking into your physical body.

Give yourself the gift of meditation.  A perfect time to meditate is upon waking. Allow 5-10 minutes to focus on your breathing and be present with how it feels to be in your body. 

Review the information from the Reiki 1 manual and offer yourself or others Reiki as much as possible in the week leading up to the workshop.

Course Requirements: ​Morning and afternoon tea will be supplied, so just bring your own lunch. Filtered water will be available over the two days. 
Dress for comfort with additional layers if you feel the cold.
Tables, towels and blankets will be provided.


​Sat 17th - Sun 18th February 2018 Course Code R2010218

Sat   6th - Sun   7th October  2018  Course Code R2021018